I started creating staged photographs when I was a student.
Imagining the story, sketching it, directing the models, taking the final photo…it was so exciting! It quickly became my favourite type of photography.
When I visit exhibitions, I often notice that staged photography isn’t as widespread, and, perhaps not as appreciated as…

I think we all have a place we fall in love with.
It’s like falling in love with a person.
You go somewhere without knowing that it’s going to be love at first sight and yet as soon as you arrive, you feel something very special about this place.
You miss it…

During the last lockdown, I found myself thinking about my artistic career,
the uncertainty since the beginning of the pandemic, and the good and bad aspects that there are generally in the art fields.

If someone have told me 20 years ago that I’d become an artist,
I’d have simply…

While studying photography’s history, I came across articles about post-mortem photography. It’s a kind of photography that I’ve always found strange, weird. Before explaining my thoughts, let’s talk about post-mortem photography’s history.

Photography was born in 1839 (but it’s unofficially much older than that).
In 1839, thanks to Arago in…

Pauline Le Pichon

French visual artist

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