Seven years ago, the 4th january 2014 to be precise, I was assaulted.
At that time, I was working on a photographic series for which I was taking pictures of myself each day, in order to create a real-fake every day life.
On the 4th january 2014, I wasn’t really inspired. During some shopping I had taken a photograph that wasn’t really good. So I’d told myself that I was going to take an other photo, in a street, on my way back home.
And that’s what I’ve done.

On my way back, I felt, deep down, that something was wrong.
I saw someone on the opposite pavement who was a bit “strange”.
So I quickly put my camera back in my bag and started to walk.
Well…unfortunately not for long : the person who was on the opposite pavement had crossed the road and stood in front of me.
He then asked me to give him my camera. I said no.
Believe it or not, I said it without really thinking.
This person was blocking my way. I couldn’t keep on walking, I was stuck.
I was more than petrified, I tried to scream but only inaudible sounds could come out of my mouth. One of the worst feelings I’ve ever felt in my life. People always think this only happens in movies, but it really happens in real life too.
Without knowing why, I pushed this person.
He barely took a step back, certainly because I’m really not a strong person. Then, certainly angry at me because of what I’d just done, he punched me in the face. That almost knocked me out for a few seconds. …

It’s december, the month in which many of us review the past year.
Here, in this article, I’ve chosen to share my artistic favourites of 2020. Everything I enjoyed, everything I was moved by.
I encourage you to do the same on your side. You’ll see that’s it’s always less depressing than a year’s review (especially for this year !)

> Warning : There’re a lot of spoilers in this article !


TV shows :

I watch a lot of series. I’m a netflix addict and except “Riverdale”,
I’ve finished every show I started to watch. …

I started photography when I was in high school, in 2006–2007, and between the photos of my dog and the ones of my bedroom,
I took many many self-portraits.
There are two reasons for this :
- I really didn’t know how to use a camera at that time, I was just trying things without knowing if it was “ok according to the photographic rules”.
For example, I remember really well how I used to enjoy the amount of noise on my photos…Well you can really see that I didn’t know anything about photography and because of that, I didn’t think about photographing other people.
- The other reason is that, for me, there’s something easy within the self-portraits making. …

A few weeks ago, I went on holiday to Normandy for a couple of days.
In this crazy year, I needed a break even if it was a short one.
I only left for 4 days but I’ve been incredibly creative and have taken a lot of photographs.
I‘ve been very stimulated by what I’ve seen.
It wasn’t the first time, and I had already vaguely talked about my “holiday” photographs in a previous article, but this time it was even more intense.
And it made me think about my work and my use of photography as an artist.

Image for post
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Months go by and we all begin, regardless of our professions, to see the impact of the Covid on them. What it will change for a totally indefinite period of time.

As an artist (and a freelancer too), I’m used to living a life full of uncertainties, changes and false hopes. As artists and freelancers, we don’t always know what our tomorrows will be made of, even though fortunately, we sometimes know for sure that certain projects will see the light of day.
But the Covid has turned everything upside down,
it has destabilized us even more. …

There are a lot of spoilers in this article.

Talking about “The Affair” in one of my last articles, made me want to talk about a movie I saw again during the lockdown : “Shame” by Steve McQueen. It’s a movie that I’d watched in the cinema in 2011 and which quickly made it into my top 5 favorite movies.

First of all by the way the story is presented: one would think that the story of a man with sexual addictions would be shown in a vulgar and overly provocative way. And no, it’s the opposite. Steve McQueen did something very beautiful.
This movie is a sad beauty indeed, but still a beauty. Most of the shots are breathtaking (the views of New York as if we were there) not to mention the famous travelling shot where we see Brandon (played by the great Michael Fassbender) jogging in the streets of New York.
Already a visual slap in the face.
And the music is just as important : it’s beautifully composed by Harry Escott, and complemented by pieces by Bach performed by Glenn Gould. …

When people ask me what I do for a living, I answer that I’m a visual artist and freelance photographer. Yes, I wear several hats.
On the one hand, I create personal artistic projects that are regularly exhibited and on the other hand, I create commissioned works for different types of people. It may sounds easy but believe me : both parts require a lot of work.

For some time now, I have also had the desire to teach.
This is why last year I conducted and led twice a workshop in an association.
I like the idea of teaching what I know and discuss about different topics with people. What could be more interesting than that ? …

I watch a lot of TV shows, I like to see the new stuff that everyone is talking about but I also like to re-watch TV shows that I love for the 151st time (Do I talk about “Friends” here ? Yes I do !).
A few years ago, I remember one day I didn’t know what to watch and I came across a show that I loved from the first episode. It was The Affair (a series created by Sarah Treem and Hagai Levi), and if the synopsis might seem quite ordinary at first, the series was very surprising…

I saw the fifth and final season a few months ago, and when the last episode ended, I got a little twinge in my heart. Even though season 3 disappointed me quite a bit, it’s a show that I think is very good overall and it was hard to say goodbye. …

Given what’s happened in the last few months, it’s hard to think about taking a break and going on vacation in the next days/weeks/months. But since it’s july and the sun is out, I wanted to talk about something that’s been bothering me for several years: the question of holidays when you’re an artist and/or a freelancer.

I rarely take vacations and there are two reasons for this.
They are very different from each other but both are very important.
The first one is probably very obvious since it’s about money.
Let me explain: to feel I’m on vacation, to rest, I have to leave my home.
I need a change of scenery, I need to see something else to feel detached from my work. If I stay at home and don’t work, I know I’ll feel guilty and I will quickly go back to my projects.
But to leave, I need money. …

When I was a student, one of my teachers advised me to read a book that I thought was boring. A book written by an author I had vaguely heard of before and to whom I’d never paid much attention.
I devoured that book. So much read and reread afterwards that it even got a bit damaged over time.
As for the author, I quickly became fascinated by her work and her life.
The book was entitled “A Room of One’s Own” and the author was Virginia Woolf.

Although Virginia Woolf’s writings were a century old, her words were reflected in my thoughts. As a woman and as an artist, I quickly recognized myself in her words. I’m not an expert on her writings, but I could applaud many of her words. As if I needed them in my life.
Her world was absolutely visionary: one might even wonder why her writings aren’t studied more in schools. …


Pauline Le Pichon

French visual artist

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